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During a pivotal scene in Dead Poets Society,  actor Robin Williams says to his students, “...carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary!”  Those same words have echoed down through the ages of our magnificent Fraternity, each generation encouraging the next to do something extraordinary, to make the most of every moment we are given on this earth.  At Mooseheart and Moosehaven we have the privilege of offering our children and our seniors just such an opportunity.

Despite a little fear of the unknown, children step boldly onto the grounds of the Child City, eager to receive the gift of a second chance to gain stability, embrace safety and earn an education—each ready to seize the day.  Jeremy, a 13 year old boy looking for help, recently wrote to us, “Mooseheart will guide me and teach me … I feel like if I come there, I will feel something big inside me, something that says I will like it.”  Even at his young age, Jeremy can sense a life-changing experience is just around the corner and he is more than ready to seize the opportunity that awaits at Mooseheart.

We are now into our “new” Moose year.  Can you feel something extraordinary within you?  Are you ready to live out our mission and let your life reflect the high character of our Fraternity?  We are called to Build Our Foundation, to live a life that points toward our Fraternal desire to bless others and to create opportunities for our communities to grow closer together.

Seize the day — let’s do something remarkable together!  God Bless!
Scott Hart, Director General PSG
Article taken from June/July 2015 Moose Magazine